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The Flight Company International Limited believes very strongly that every company and individual should attempt to do their best to assure the future of our planet and to try and ensure we leave a worthy legacy to our children, grand-children and great grand-children.

We do not own this land or the seas around it, we are here merely as guardians and caretakers, to look after and tend to it and then pass it on down.

Consequently, we have made a board decision to support four organisations that we believe are doing a very worthy job to try and increase understanding of our environment and to try and preserve the good parts of it.

These organisations are:- The Royal Forestry Society, Care For The Wild International, Rainforest Concern and The Ocean Futures Society

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The Royal Forestry Society exists to further the appreciation, understanding and knowledge of trees, woods and forests and Care For The Wild International works to protect endangered species and their habitats whilst addressing global threats to nature. Finally, Rainforest Concern works tirelessly to preserve the world's ever diminishing rainforests and their ecology. The funds are already provided by TFCI sponsor the protection of 5 acres of forest in South America.

How then does The Flight Company International Limited assist these organisations?

Simply, in addition to joining them we are pledging both a percentage of any margin we might make on the sale of any aircraft or helicopter plus we have agreed to plant (or have planted) a certain numbers of trees for each and every charter flight we might fly or organise.

Additionally, our crews will be briefed to fly, whenever possible, in the most fuel efficient manner and our ground staff are required to be energy conscious and, when buying materials, to ensure wherever possible they are recyclable and the least harmful to our environment.

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