Ten Noteworthy Facts

  1. Corporate/private ‘aircraft’ (aeroplanes or helicopters) allow companies to maximise their two most important assets, people and time.
  2. In a study by the Arthur Anderson Company, private 'aircraft are described as “productivity multipliers that help companies grow faster and become more profitable.
  3. Another recent study calculated that over £20,000,000 and 4,000,000 man hours are lost in the U.K. alone, each week, from time lost due to traffic delays on our outdated road system.
  4. 92% of companies producing the greatest returns are users of private ‘aircraft’.
  5. Private aeroplanes and helicopters help centralised management and private individuals to visit multiple and geographically widespread locations, in the briefest of time frames.
  6. Private ‘aircraft’ have compiled an outstanding safety record, that is comparable with and in most cases better than that of the airlines.
  7. Airlines can only fly to major airports with runways of sufficient length to accommodate large passenger jets or turbo-props.
  8. Private aircraft are able to use far more of the many hundreds of smaller airports and airfields located throughout the U.K. and Europe. In most cases this will allow you to depart from and arrive at a location substantially closer to your home or office and your final destination - and with a helicopter, we can often fly you 'door to door'.
  9. Private aircraft offer significantly greater levels of security for their passengers than the airlines and you only ever fly with the people you elect to travel with.
  10. Private aircraft, be they chartered, leased, fractionally owned or owned outright, offer the greatest levels of comfort and personal service and if required, they provide an ideal, non-overlooked or overheard working environment.
  11. Last but not least, the use of private ‘aircraft’ can substantially reduce modern life’s many stresses.

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