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The Flight Company International’s sales, leasing and fractional ownership programmes offer individuals and companies an unprecedented opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of private aircraft in a manner previously considered impossible and in the case of fractionality, at a price never before possible.

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As well as selling the worlds popular corporate aircraft, such as Falcons, Gulfstreams, Hawkers, Citations and Challengers, TFCI also offers large, pre-owned corporate aircraft such as Boeing 737’s. These aircraft are very comfortable, have private offices, reception rooms, dining areas and sometimes proper bedrooms /staterooms with separate lavatories.

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In comparison with new, large corporates, these 'super corporates' are not that expensive - the truth is these aircraft may be purchased (or leased) and then flown for many hours before coming anywhere near close to just the acquisition cost of a similar, new aircraft.

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Of interest to those thinking of buying a turbo-prop or small private jet are the new range of LJ's (Light Jets) and VLJ's (Very Light Jets) - in particular the Embraer Phenom 100 and Cessna Mustang. They offer value for money, excellent comfort and true jet performance and the Flight Company International will be delighted to provide information on any of these.

If you want to buy, lease or fractionally acquire, we will be delighted to meet with you to ascertain your exact requirements, allowing us to provide you with a carefully researched and detailed solution.

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If you are selling an aircraft then our efficient 'no sale - no fee' service may be of interest. Your aircraft will be listed on our web site and our listings are regularly e-mailed and faxed to hundreds of other owners, operators and dealers world-wide and we advertise in all the worlds leading aviation publications. We actively sell, we do not wait for the phone to ring and we keep you informed as to how things are going, so you never feel ‘out of the loop’.

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